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On May 11, 1922, a number of dedicated, community-minded men met at the Savannah Hotel to begin one of Lionism’s southernmost clubs. Savannah joined the growing list of cities appearing on the roster of the International Association of Lions. This organization was destined to become the greatest service group in the world.

The Lions Club of Savannah is one of the oldest Lions Clubs in the country. Lions Clubs International was founded 5 years earlier in Chicago Illinois by Melvin Jones. The Lions Club of Savannah has sponsored 8 other clubs in Georgia, who in turn, have collectively sponsored an additional 27 clubs, for a grand total of 37 clubs.

On the evening of June 10, 1922, the Lions Club of Savannah received its official charter from representatives of the International Association of Lions from Chicago. In attendance were city officials, outstanding businessmen and women, heads of civic clubs and fraternal organizations, and civic and social leaders. Presiding was E. W. Rosenthal, Belgian Consul and newly elected president of the Lions Club.

From its inception, the club has attracted community leaders committed to making Savannah a better place to live and work. The club has had 10 members serve as District Governor, 2 lighthouse Presidents, 1 Camp for the Blind President, and numerous State and District Officers and committee persons. No member has ever served more than 1 term as President of the Lions Club of Savannah.

Lions Club of Savannah—District 18 N