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Our Service Projects

Project Vision

We help provide vision screening, eye exams and eyeglasses for children in the Chatham County School System. The Lions Club provides the vision tester to schools where nurses can administer the Vision Acuity test. Georgia Eye Institute donates the examination, and the Lions Club supplies the glasses.

Used Eyeglasses Recycling

We will recycle your old eyeglasses by donating them people in developing countries who need glasses, but can’t get them. If you have replaced your glasses because they no longer fit your prescription or personal style, donate your old glasses to the Lions Club. Click here for a list of locations where you can donate your glasses.

Our Fundraisers

All proceeds from our fundraisers benefit the Lions Club’s humanitarian services for the sight impaired. Each year, hundreds of individual in need receive assistance from the Lions Club in obtaining eyeglasses. The club members hold the vision needs of its school children as a top priority. Club members understand the importance of a child being able to get the most out of their education, and the vital role that visual acuity plays in school studies.

Christmas Tree Sales

An annual event since 1977, and our largest fundraiser of the year. Our tree lot is located in Daffin Park. We tag selected Frazier Firs at the tree farms in North Carolina in August, and begin selling them the week of Thanksgiving.